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Our QR Code Doorbell Goes Beyond SMS Notifications

  • Most smart doorbells require clunky apps to receive notifications - We don't!
  • Our QR code smart doorbell allows you to receive notifications straight to your phone number
  • Total privacy compared to smart doorbells, and no apps needed
  • When a visitor rings your QR doorbell, you are notified instantly with an automated phone call or email
  • We don't rely on SMS for the instant notifications - As we all know, SMS messages can get stuck or delayed
  • Phone calls are instant, and less likely to fail to notify you
  • If your visitor leave a message or photo, it can be sent to you via SMS
  • Notify up to 3 email addresses for free, or go premium for just $1.95 per month for phone call/SMS alerts, scheduled quiet times, doorbell customization, and more!

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