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Here are some of the things people around the world are using our free QR code doorbell for:

  • Can't hear the front door from the shed or garden? Put a QR doorbell on the door and take your phone with you
  • Spend all day with your headset on in Zoom meetings? QR doorbell can notify you via email, so you'll see the pop-up notification
  • Work overnight shifts and don't want to be woken? Use QR doorbell to allow visitors to leave a message, put your phone on do not disturb, and enjoy your nap
  • ...Or have a baby asleep and don't want people knocking loudly? Put your phone on vibrate and allow people to let you know they're at the door, quietly
  • Moved meeting room or lecture theatre? QR doorbell can notify you of anyone arriving to the wrong room so you can run up the stairs and fetch them
  • Have dogs and want to know when a visitor is at the gate? When someone's at the gate, QR doorbell can notify you so that you can let them in (and not let the dogs out)
  • Out of the office? Let visitors leave a message for when you return
  • Work in the mines? Mining and oil workers can be away for weeks - with a QR doorbell you can configure a QR doorbell so that your visitors can leave a message, and deal with things when you get back
  • Have a shared office? QR doorbell can notify you when a visitor arrives, so you can go and greet them
  • More info about QR code doorbells

With QR doorbells, your visitor never sees your phone number or contact details, keeping your private contact details safe

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