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QR code doorbells solve the smart doorbell privacy problem

  • Your smart doorbell is watching...
  • For some, that's fine, but for others, it's a concern - Smart doorbell companies are known to share the video and audio from your home with others
  • Your smart doorbell can also be hacked, giving the bad guys full access to your home - to watch and record what you are doing, and to know when you aren't at home
  • QR code doorbells don't have this problem - there's no video stream of you and your home being broadcast online
  • Your visitor doesn't ever see your contact details, and doesn't know whether you are home or not
  • Notify up to 3 email addresses for free, or go premium for just $1.95 per month for phone call/SMS alerts, scheduled quiet times, doorbell customization, and more!

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